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We would like to say a big Thank You if you have decided to fundraise for Team Rossi.

Please get in touch via the contact page to speak to us about how you can also join in with the fundraising!


Below you can see some of our fantastic fundraisers and exactly what they have got planned!

May 29th and June 16th

Mark Faulkner - 'Outlaw Triathalon for Oscar and Friends'

" My name is mark and I am doing the Outlaw half triathlon.

This consists of swimming 1.2miles cycling 56 miles and then running a half marathon. I have not swam in about 20 years and have never ridden a road bike so this is going to be a big challenge. I am doing this for a good friend whos son was diagnosed with leukaemia after having a bone marrow transplant. He is on the mend but a lot of his friends are still battling hard.

The funds raised will go to The Team Rossi Foundation. This is a small charity set up to help give the kids treats on the same ward that Oscar was on. Such as trips away from the ward and family holidays as many of the families have to give up work to take care of their children in hospital so have limited funds available.

Any donation big or small will be greatly received. I have funded everything myself so all donations will go to Team Rossi. The triathlon takes place on the 29th May 2016 at Nottingham Holme Pierrepont. I will be training throughout winter and will put updates on how it is going. Thanks for looking.

I am now also doing a half marathon on Sunday 19th June, this will be based at eye Kettleby lakes.."


If you would like to sponsor Mark for Team Rossi, donating is quick and easy.

May 2nd/3rd 2015

John Harte - Tough Mudder London

"My first ever obstacle course was men's survival of the fittest in
October 2013 which I loved, we raised nearly £3,000 for cancer research.

But after a 'mini' stroke in December 2013 I didn't do anything else until my first Tough Mudder in August 2014. I was hooked, and since then I've done a 'Winter Warrior' and purchased a Tough Mudder season pass and booked two Mudders in two days on the weekend of May 2nd/3rd.

My reason for raising for Team Rossi is obviously Leanne and Richard are my friends, the situation those guys have had to deal with is enough to make people crumble just to listen to, let alone the way in which Leanne, Rich and Rossi have dealt with it.

They have inspired others, and in doing so have given the whole situation a positive spin by making it more accessible to others. For example, I for one am a softy and seeing Rossi smiling with his thumbs up, along with his selfless comments such as the Santa letter (wishing him all he wants), makes me not want to close my eyes to protect myself from what I don't want to think about any more, and actually makes me want to help you, Team Rossi, help the people who need it!

They have single handedly opened my eyes and my awareness. So Keep up the good work Team Rossi."


If you would like to sponsor John for Team Rossi, donating is quick and easy.

May 29th, 30th and 31st 2015

Gareth Pyne - London to Paris Bike Ride

" I am doing the London to Paris bike ride on the 29th May which is set over 3 days and about 285 miles. I tried to do this before but I struggled to raise the money, so this time I am not doing it with a company that will take half of the money.  So this time, my friend Duncan Toppliss and I are doing this off our own backs and paying for this ourselves, with the help of Simon Hopkins Electrical which are based in Grantham.

This means ALL of money that is donated by you will go to Team Rossi so please donate

generously! It's good to know there are charity's out there to help support families and

children in need of help and support."


Here is my itinerary...

29/05/15 - Leave Trafalgar at 6am and ride to Folkstone to catch Eurotunnel, to CalaisCycle from Calais to campsite at Guines where we can get into a lovely swimming pool to relax our legs!

30/05/15 - Leave campsite at Guines at 6am and cycle south towards Abbeville the down to Amiens where we will stay for the night.

31/05/15 - Leave Amiens at 6am and head south towards Beauvais then enter Paris from the north and head for the Place de la Concorde, cycling along the Champs Elesee and around the Arc de Triumph then off over the Seine to finish at the Eiffel Tower.


If you would like to sponsor Gareth for Team Rossi, donating is quick and easy.

May 21st and July 26th 2015

Jonathan Holloway
- Land's End to John O'Groats Bike Ride
- Outlaw Triathalon

" On March 21st 2014 Rossi's life took a dramatic turn at just four years old.

After trying to get to the bottom of various health issues and constant high temperatures, Rossi was sent for a biopsy for suspected lymph node infection. He was diagnosed with the rarest form of Leukaemia, ALL (acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia ).

Rossi is currently on maintenance phase and his end date for treatment is 21st May 2017. He is fortunate that he has an excellent support network of family and friends, but not all families have that available to them.

Our aim is to be able to treat local children to days out and treats that can't be afforded by parents of children with cancer because they're too busy looking after their child to be able to work. This impacts everything in day to day life. Fortunately there is an amazing charity called Clic Sargent that offers help to families in our situation.

We hope to be able to offer an escape to these families and raise enough money to provide days out to places such as Alton towers, Lego Land, Wheelgate, simple trips to the cinema etc.

Helping children with cancer to live a fun life throughout their treatment by providing treats, day trips and the small things that hopefully make them smile.


On May 21st, a group of us are going to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, doing approximately 100 miles per day. Over 9 days we will cover 960 miles. We are funding the trip ourselves, and arranging everything from hotels to cycle transport ourselves so that the Team Rossi Foundation get the maximum amount of your donation.


On 26th July I am competing in the Outlaw Triathlon 2015 in Nottingham, in which I will complete a 2.4 mile swim, then 112 mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2 mile run. I'll have 17 hours to complete the race, although the course record is just under 9 hours, so I'm hoping to be closer to this time :) Again, I've paid all entry fees myself, so your donation will go straight towards helping these children.


You can keep up to date with my training via my GoFundMe page, I ask you to please give generously."


If you would like to sponsor Jonathan for Team Rossi, donating is quick and easy.

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